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Climate Responsive Design is a web forum through which climate responsive design experts can share their knowledge with the community about the climate responsive designs.

Although countries in East Africa seem to have a perfect climate, people are not fully benefiting or making efficient use of their potential. They suffer from insufficient daylight or overheating and live on sites that are not coherently organised nor efficiently utilised.  Architects and engineers must learn to identify the constraints and opportunities of each project site and help local communities develop their full potential. The information on this website covers both hard and soft issues that contribute to improving people’s living conditions and environment. They include participation, using local and durable materials, passive ventilation and natural daylighting, sustainable landscapes, and water and waste management. We hope the information and related documents contribute to behavioural change in the way we design our built environments.


Upcoming Conference 

July 3 & 4, 2024


Sustainable School Design for East Africa

Online Courses

The courses seek to highlight the universal principles of climate-responsive design arising from experiences in sub-Saharan Africa.  The courses introduce participants to critical thinking skills in climate responsive design and emphasize diligent and rigorous approaches to environmental design. The courses will seek to offer research, learning, and education for those interested in acquiring the skills related to the environmental and sustainable design of our built environments. The target audience is students and built environment professionals. 

Download a free PDF copy of

A Manifesto for

Climate Responsive Design


Download a free PDF copy of

A Manifesto for

Community Driven Processes for Climate Responsive Design

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